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Mum (Mom)
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Im 50% effaced but not dilating :(

Ok so I just got back from the doctor and he said that I am 50% effaced but am not dilating at all. He was going to induce me next week (Im 38wks tomorrow) because I live an hour and a half from the hospital and he doesnt want to risk me driving that far in labor...however today he said that he wont induce me unless Ive begun to dilate on my own. I have another appt on Monday to check me again but Im afraid I might still not be dilated and he leaves to go out of town Thursday (just my luck) and I dont want to have anyone else deliver her if I have a choice. SOO my question is has anyone else had this happen when they become effaced but are not dilating and how long after did you begin to dilate? Also, does anyone have any ideas thats worked for them on how to speed things up? Im desperate.

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Mum (Mom)
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Can't help, but curious to know what other people say. I'm 80% effaced as of 36w6d, but my doctor didn't want to check dilation b/c she didn't want to hurt me. She said, if anything, I'm 1 cm. Then she predicted I'd go before 39 weeks.

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i didnt want to read and run, i dont have an answer but im sure someone here will.

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