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What would you do?

This is going to be long. Please feel free to give advice. I'm just trying to figure it all out for myself.

My due date is January 31. I work at a high school...a rather understaffed, weirdly run place I just started at this year.

My initial plan was to go back to work when winter break ended (on Jan. 7), work three weeks, and take off the week before my due date, to avoid going into labor on campus, and having the baby delivered by the tenth grade biology class for extra credit. I had told work that was what I planned to do.

Then came the latest ultrasound.

I thought for a few days that we would do a c-section at 37 weeks (some of you saw me freak out about that), due to placenta previa and vasa previa (if there's a previa, I have it), but after consulting with the perinatology department, I've been told that they think it's safe to continue to week 39 (Jan. 24), and c-section then if the various previas haven't previa'd their way off somewhere. The blood vessel is near, but not on, the cervix, it's veinous rather than arterial, and my cervix is tightly shut.

I will need to go in weekly for checkups, and they will also ultrasound me routinely and run non-stress tests. I'm fairly pleased with this, as it gives me a little more time to get my act together, and LO a little more time to build up her lungs and such.

I've been told that at the first sign of labor, I am to get my behind to Labor and Delivery, in case things start before 39 weeks.

So far, so good. I am sad it will have to be a c-section, since I really wanted to do the whole labor thing, but hey, First World Obstetric Problems.

The issue is, what to do about work? The plan was for my last day to be the 25th, but I may be giving birth as early as the 24th. I will also, no matter what, have to take off chunks of time for check-ups, ultrasounds, and non-stress tests, and I am supposed to be meeting with the psych department too, since I had clinical depression some years ago, and my doctor wants us to have a plan in place in case post-partum kicks my butt. Because I teach, it's difficult to just say "I can't be in until eleven," as you can with some other jobs. Someone needs to cover my classes, (and we have no spare personnel) and I need to plan the lessons and have materials ready to go.

I am our sole income, and when I am off, we'll be living on my disability, and a chunk of financial aid that I'm getting mid-January from my graduate program. So working longer is financially very attractive, as we're already on a tight budget.

But I haven't got a car, and work is an hour and a half commute by bus each way. Perinatologist Man thought that was OK (it's all in the city), but I worry about going into labor at work or on the bus, given that I will have to respond immediately. My ankles are a little swollen, and my sciatica is acting up, and I'm big and clumsy now, and really focused on the baby and how she's doing all the time. I sit down a lot to teach, which is OK, but doesn't feel perfect.

And I don't know if they've been able to hire someone to replace me while I'm on leave. And the principal's due date is Jan. 10, so I don't even know if she'll be back after break. She planned to work to the 9th, but it's a second baby, and who knows?

Does it make sense to try to go back to work for two weeks, and then take off the week I c-section in, and start leave then?

Should I try to shorten that to one week?

I feel I should try to be in touch with the principal et all over break.

What would you do, especially those of you who've had babies before, with this sort of thing going on?

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I think you should try and not worry about work - you have enough going on yourself. I know it's hard when you're on a budget but no amount of money is worth the worry or the stress of going into labour on a bus or whatever.

Also, you should try and rest before the birth - you'll need it. Try not to be wonder-woman - I try to do that all the time and invariably end up run down and feeling a bit crap.

Good luck to you whatever you decide x

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This is just what i would do, i would leave a week before c- section just to chill out a little get everything together make sure all is ready for when LO is here, i understand you have work commitments hun and its only you that is working but the closer you get you might feel drained and not want to travel to work, your going to be tired and worn out when the baby comes you need a little time to relax a little before hand,

But im sure your body will tell you when enough is enough and you need to take it easy

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I'd personally take off the week before your scheduled c section. if you really don't feel comfortable with that, maybe go as far as the Friday before your c section date. I would definitely talk to someone asap. given the circumstances they should be more than understanding. vasa previa is a very serious thing. I have a velamentous cord insertion, so I've read a lot on vasa previa as all vasa previas have vci but not all Vci' s have vasa previa. I would honestly go with the recommendations of your doctor. is there anyway they can do your ultrasounds and NST' s after school hours?

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I'd take the time off before baby is due. As a teacher working up to 36 weeks was just so hard in the end I have no idea how I would have coped with taking a couple of weeks off and then going back! xxx

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I would say take the time off. You will never have the opportunity to rest up again for a bit as with your second pregnancy you will always have another child that needs you. Previas are well known for bleeds you can bet that Murphy's law will come in to play the minute you commit to working right up until and then you will be off and it will annoy everyone to have to find cover etc. Take the time, rest, relax and nest. Go for lunches and have naps, read magazines and just enjoy doing things in your own time as you will be on some else schedule from here on in. You have some severe pregnancy complications that can get very serious very quickly so my advice is to be kind to your body and let it do what it needs to.

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You need to concentrate on yourself and little one. With all the complications you have why even think about working? Do you really want to go back to work when the new term starts? You will be 36+ weeks pregnant! You need to rest and put yourself first. Your school should be able to get someone in to cover you sooner, because in 4 weeks they're going to be covering you anyway. What difference does it make? Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. xx

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I gave myself "2 weeks break" before my EDD on my first pregnancy. My DD had other ideas though and came over 2 weeks early, so I had no break at all befpre having her. I ended up with a a C/Section for FTP and my recovery seemed to take way longer then others, my Midwife thought it was because I was worn out (and had a long labour prior). I didn't feel all that tired at the time because I'd just kept trucking on, but once I stopped it hit me I think. So based on that as well as how focussed you will be on your LO with all your complications etc, I'd take the time off if you possibly can. This isn't the time to be thinking about work in my opinion, gather your energy and relax a wee bit so you can listen to your body. All the best! xxx

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Im in the same boat as you regarding public transportation. I dont have a car and have to take the bus everywhere. Luckly, L.A is fab about public transportation and I can go anywhere in the city for just a couple of dollars. I would suggest take a week off before your scheduled c-section, that way you can get ready for baby etc.. Does your job not offer maternity leave?

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I too had to finish work early for medical reasons (but nowhere near as serious as yours!) and in Australia we get no disability payments or maternity payment from government til up to 2 months after birth.
We struggle but baby's health is number one priority!
I've been off work 2 weeks now and I'm already much more stable, blood pressure out of the danger zone etc.
personally I think why work 2-3 weeks into the year, wouldn't it be better for students to have same teacher all year?!
And with a c section it'll be a long road to recovery so you won't be able to do anything after the birth for a while

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