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Originally Posted by Beckzter View Post
My midwife told me today that I would only be cut if needed an assisted delivery, as a tear heals better than a cut??
Because a natural tear will unlikely go through a muscle, unlike a cut, which is done blindly.

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Great article. I had one because they used forceps (unnecessary procedure caused by a domino effect of my induction, but that's another story). Indeed, the doctor never asked my permission. I'm so glad I discovered midwives and birth center for this pregnancy.

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" If a woman has an unusually tight perineum (because of her anatomy or because tight scar tissue has grown over a previous episiotomy) and the tissue just isnít stretching, an episiotomy may be indicated."

Aaaarrgh.. I had one last time - scar tissue will have grown over my "previous episiotomy"... Eeeek!

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Omg, I'm telling them to leave my perineum alone. I will be yelling that during labour.

But. It's not routine procedure here anymore to do them, thankfully, lol. The nurse actually told me they won't even do them upon request, they are quite against them. The only time, she said, would be if you needed forceps/ventouse. Which is my biggest fear. I would honestly rather have a C-section than forceps... they terrify me. I don't need salad tongs in my undercarriage, no thank you.

I'm afraid I'll be one of those random cases where they absolutely HAVE to do it. But maybe its normal for first time moms to feel like they have weird bits, lol.

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Tears heal better than cuts. Tears are natural for the body to repair. I'd take my labor with a chance of tearing than being cut any day.Learned about this in my childbirth class, almost 3 years after having my first. Cutting the muscles is a big no no in my hospital.

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I had one that was medically necessary (shoulder dystocia birth, baby required manual extraction with hands). It was awful. I don't regret it because I know it was critical, but truthfully it took at least a year to not feel it/pressure (several months of soreness) and another BABY to feel like me again. My 2nd child was dystocia too but pulled out with a very slight 1st degree tear, the difference was shocking.

I don't think they are routine anymore but it's important to ask just in case. You really really really do not want one

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I had to get one because it was medically needed. My doctor said I'm so sorry I have to do this but I need to do a episiotomy. I said do it as my little girl was having a really hard time and her heart was dipping really bad. It healed very well and I can't even tell I was cut. She was 6lb and 2 oz too but her umbilical cord was wrapped around her like a seat beat and was causing her to stay inside and get choked everytime I pushed.
It was that or a csection.

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My doctors office said they no longer do these.

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My ob just told me today that neither she nor the other two Dr's in her practice do episiotomies. She's only done two in her career and those were when she just could not get the baby out.

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Originally Posted by EmmaRea View Post
What scares me most about episiotomies is the doctors who *know* a laboring mother doesn't want one and cuts one anyway before she notices. What a sneaky, horrible thing to do to a woman. Much like AROM performed without permission. Pisses me right off...
Both of these are highly illegal here. Both an episiotomy and AROM are medical procedures that cannot be done most places without consent, make sure there are witnesses. That's assault.

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