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Mum (Mom)
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NICE Guidelines for labour/induction

I was curious to find out how i should be being treated in these final stages and found a link to the NICE guidelines.

I don't know if i am allowed to include links yet but if i can't i would recommend that you give this a quick read. I wasn't aware that at 38 weeks they were meant to go through my options with me (they still haven't and i'm 41). Hopefully someone will read this and find it helpful.

The one odd thing I noticed was that if you partner is in the armed forces and is soon to be posted abroad you can be induced at 40 weeks.

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Mum (Mom)
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That's really helpful, thank you. I'll have a good read before I go in tomorrow.

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Mary Jo
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Hmmm, thanks, very interesting. I wonder if they'd pay any attention if I went in and quoted some of these guidelines? or if they'll say they're just guidelines and "this is the hospital policy"?

for me, sweeps have never been mentioned, but apparently:

Quote: At the 40 and 41 week antenatal visits, nulliparous women should
be offered a vaginal examination for membrane sweeping.
(nulliparous - never having given birth)

At my 39 week appointment there was no mention of this, in fact I'm not *meant* to see anyone now till I am 41 weeks, but my own mw, who I didn't see last week, said to make appointments for each week (because of anxiety). I'd like to know what's going on in there... don't want to wait till I am a week over.

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Father to be
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It does say just guidelines, and every doctor needs to make their own decisions...

Keep in mind that an induction is not as safe as a natural delivery, and some doctors actually recognize this, and put the health of the mother and the child before their own convenience.

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