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Placenta position

Hey ladies,

At my 12 week scan I was told I have an anterior placenta. I was just going through my notes and saw that at my 20 week scan the placenta was posterior high. I'm not concerned or anything but it seems a bit odd to have gone from the front to the back in 8 weeks and I wondered if anyone else had the same?


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I find it all rather confusing....for all my scans no one has ever said anything to me and all images have been clear but when I went to my last MW appointment and she listened to the heartbeat she said it was hard to hear it as the placenta was in the way (front of my stomach) - yet that has never happened before :/ she didn't say anything though. I didn't think they moved???

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Anterior placenta means that it is on the front, so it hasn't moved back to front High is good, they can end up being high or low, they don't tend to move around too much positional wise but it's like your organs, they all have to fit and get squished with baby growing. If it was low then it could cause problems for baby to come down the birth canal, so then you get monitored.

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