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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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My body absolutely loves to confuse me! Frustrated!

My body has never been one to conform. It always seems to do the opposite of what is expected of it and it's the most frustrating thing ever!

At first, had I have not got a "feeling" I was pregnant and decided to test, I would never have even known. I was bleeding on a weekly basis and would have probably mistaken it all for irregular light periods.

Before that time of the month, I've always been the most hormonal little cow, but now, at full term, after a pretty much hormone-less pregnancy, I'm suddenly crying at everything :S

At about 36 weeks I started getting diarrhea. I never get diarrhea and have actually been constipated throughout my pregnancy, but every time I went to the toilet to do my bowel business, I had to rush with cramps thinking my backside was about to explode!! There I was thinking I was clearing out ready to have my baby, after a month of it, I've been thinking "It's definitely got to be time now"... and now I'm full term and ready to go into labour... it's all stopped. Nothing. The last two I've had have just been very normal. (Sorry if tmi!)

At 36 weeks I also rushed into triage thinking my waters had broken to find out that they hadn't!! It was apparently just very runny discharge, and lots of it!!

My blood pressure also got dangerously high. I was ready to be induced and then it all returned back to normal.

At 37 weeks, I had days of really intense braxton hicks that seemed to be getting a lot more regular and at times were actually painful, despite people saying they aren't.

Now, at full term, the only symptoms I'm experiencing is a few light, painless braxton hicks and backache, apart from having a hormonal day today. I'm pretty fed up of expecting something to happen for my body to just let me down!!

Anyone else feel like they're going to be pregnant forever and it's never going to happen???

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*raises hand* twice I was in the hospital for pre term contractions. Now that I'm almost 37 weeks (which my dr didn't even think I would make) I contractions have pretty much stopped (but for the past two days which I'm not even trying to pay attention to because, well, I just don't believe it.).

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Holy crap your body loves playing tricks on you! I feel this same way though!!! I was having some pretty bad period like cramps for a few days.. doctor told me I am 3cm dilated and I was sure things were starting to kick into gear. Now, cramps have subsided and I feel pretty normal. I'm so frustrated!! My husband and I are going crazy waiting for this baby.. I just want to feel SOMETHING.. more cramps.. anything.. uh!

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What an expereince you have had in late pregnancy, well i hope something happens very soon.

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I can feel you on the frustration! My body has been trying to have this baby since 17 weeks! I was told I would be lucky to make it to close to full term. Had contractions all the time, dilated to a 2-2.5 and now post cerclage removal, I'm closed and only feeling BH?! You are about a day ahead of me, but I can feel the frustration of the body not cooperating. I bled almost the entire first 2 months of pregnancy and would have never known! Hope you see the baby soon, and body stops playing rude tricks!

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Popping in from first tri. In my previous pregnancy i went through the same crap. At 34w my water bag leaked and I was admitted for 8 days on antibiotics and steroids. I knew the baby would be born too early and I knew there would be complications but I was still a little excited about seeing my baby boy, but then a doctor came in my room telling me that they wanted to do an amnio and shoot my uterus with dye to see if stuff comes out of me and if it's blue then it's def amniotic fluid. All because my water bag had a lot of fluid in it still. I'm glad they did it though because they would've induced me and I would've had my baby too early for nothing. Well I wasn't leaking anymore, they thought maybe the bag miracously sealed up. I went home. I went back 2 weeks later for my bag leaking yet again. They admit me, give me pitocin overnight but nothing progresses. I go home the net go back at like 38 weeks for bleeding and cramps and contractions only to be told I'm not ready yet. I went to 41w3d and they finally induced me. My baby came out sick but he's fine now thank God, but my body was really stupid too!! It's so frustrating though when you think it's time and you get told it's not over and over again. Don't worry though, the baby has to come out sooner or later whether on its own or forced! Good luck and I hope you have your baby soon!

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im with real symptoms....... twinges/cramps here and there 1 cm dilated for the last 2 weeks......recheck tmw but im not to hopeful anything is going on........3 days overdue tmw i just hope she comes by the end of the week.....i feel like the wait is the worst part!!!! some progress or symptoms would be nice.

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I am soooooooo tired , I stopped progesterone at 31wk due to a developed allergy so have been really niggly since then. I was even admitted for a week due to suspected prom. Over the last week or two had loads of menstrual cramping , back & thighs aching with tightenings . I have to get monitored twice a week and every trace shows regular uterine activity!! I have had 'clear out' after 'clear out' .... But baby stays put and I am carrying a big babe too with top end of normal fluid levels ... I AM JUST SO TIRED !!! I also have NO room left in my little bod!!

I really hope you get going soon ,

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