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jelly discharge?

hey all!

just a weird question for you...

for the past week and a half I have occasionally been losing a jelly like discharge to be honest it looks like a big lump of vasaline on the loo roll! its odourless and no signs of any blood its got a rubbery elastic consistency to it?
I am concerned its my mucus plug but I am only 30 weeks? Its not an infection so what could it be?


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Kim T
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Hey hun..
Didnt want to read and run but it does sound a little like your mucus plug. What you describe sounds very similar to what i have been getting for nearly a week (although unlike you, i am hoping to go into labour soon!).
Maybe call your midwife and see what she thinks .

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i have had two episodes of this from 25 weeks, the first one was when i was having braxton hicks and i went to hosp as was worried because of the discharge, but everything was ok. 2nd time, no pain just clearish jelly on wiping, the only thing i can comment on is each time i have had sex the night before and partner has you know inside me... so i am thinking maybe that is linked, but then again any other time we did this pre-pregnancy i never had anything like this. I guess it could just be part of the plug, but midwife wouldn't comment the first time as i managed to show her some at the hospital.

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it does sound like your plug. i started loosing my plug from 24weeks BUT it does re-grow.

as gross as it sounds, take a picture of it and show your MW (they see worse all the time). she can then advise you.

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i have had this discharge thru out and the midwifes are not concered but maybe you should go have a swab taken anyway xxx

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hi i am 40 weeks pregnant and 4 days over due. I have had a yellow thick stringy jelly like discharge when i go to the loo and wipe. does anyone know what this is? i have had it a couple of time over the few weeks.


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