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How many receiving blankets and burp cloths do you have?

I wonder how many to buy?

I have 5 receiving blankets and about 5 burp cloths

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I would say more. I guess depending how much your baby spits up and how often you do laundry...... Everyone is diff, but I would double that at least.

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I have about 20 (give or take a few) receiving blankets but just a handful of burp cloths. I need to get some more! Lol

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I have at least 20 of each... it seemed to be the gifts of choice at my shower >.<

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I have 12 large muslins. Useful for swaddling / wiping / wrapping / covering. That's enough for now for me until she's here.

She's got two blankets - that's enough. And no burp clothes - will use a tea towel or muslin or whatever is nearest! And she's got about 25 bibs!

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Oh no- seems I've missed something! I have about 20 muslin squares (which I think are burp cloths) what are recievinf blankets for?? I don't think I have any!

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I have 8 swaddle muslins, 12 small muslins and 3 "receiving blankets" (which are just soft fleecy blankets to cuddle baby in - not really used much in the UK, I bought some as they were v cheap)

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I have 6 Muslins from my youngest and some lightweight blankets you really don't need as many as the baby books/websites say, with second youngest I realised I was using and washing the same old 3 Muslins and the others in the 20 pack just weren't getting used. These things dry very quickly and even though I live in a hard water area they are dry within 2 hours on a normal airer, and as little as 30 minutes on our heated airer xx

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I have tons from baby shower with dd. we didn't tend to use the burp cloths much we used bibs more. I got lucky and didn't have a spit up baby we just had to have a bib on her because when I was feeding her her milk she would randomly smile with a mouth full and it would go everywhere

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Eleanor ace
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With DS I had about 10 blankets which I planned to use for him during the day and I maybe used 1, when we were out and about. I bought about 30 muslins after people swore I'd need loads and never really used them. DS was breastfed and never really spat up/was sick but I've heard that FF babies bring milk up sometimes after feeding.
This time I've dug out a couple of DS's blankets and have 10 of the muslins in the cupboard in case we need them.

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