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Ill let you no what happened to me, I like having a little re cap

Freya was born at 3.53am and was placed on my chest immediatly. They then asked my OH to cut the cord. They then took her to be weighed etc and to do all the checks and was then given back to me. Im pretty sure as I was holding her my placenta was delivered. I was then told that I would need stitches so I gave Freya to my OH and I was then stitched up.

After that we were given tea and toast which I ate all off, I was then asked to have a shower. I was then moved to the ward at approx 8.20 and Sean settled me in and had to leave at 8.30. He then came back at 12 and had to leave at 8pm that night.

Only thing that worried me was being left alone at night as Freya was my first, but I was actually ok.

dont worry about anything

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It really must depend on the hospital as my last one I had him in one of the birthing suites (which werent built when I had my first).
Once I was taken in there to deliver that was our room until we went home. I had oh and my mum with me, I had him just before 10.00pm and my mum stayed until about 11.30pm. I had a shower and they brought us some tea and toast, there was a pull down double bed for me and oh to sleep in and we had our own bathroom. There arent set visiting hours with the birthing suites so my mum brought dd at about 9am and we all stayed in the room until we were discharged at about lunchtime.

It was so much different than my first labour, when I had dd I was in the delivery room for maybe an hour after having her then moved up to the ward. It was about visiting time when we moved up so family came to visit then we were alone again (apart from the other people on the ward).

Needless to say I am hoping for another birthing suite this time! (we are in the UK)

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Delivered my son 8pm, skin to skin for an hour or so. Midwife helped me have a shower. I had to stay in the delivery room until the next morning because they wanted me In a private quiet room. Our hospital isn't super strict with visiting hours but do encourage the rest time around lunch time. Mum came over first thing in the morning when I was still in the delivery room. Hopefully this time birth will be a little easier and I can move wards earlier :-)

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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
I heard from my SIL that if you pay for a private room (about 100) you can have visitors in there outside of the hours, she did anyway, how true it is I don't know as I didn't have the option when I had my two. This time I'm going to a Midwife Led Unit and I believe they let DH stay with you in a double bed if you have baby at night.
I had a private room and this wasnt the case for me, normal visitng hours though may differ hospital to hospital.

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The only difference with private room at my hospital is that DH can stay the night, but normal hours for other visitors still.

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It really depends on the hospital. I had my daughter in a birthing centre above the hospital, so we had our own room and husband didnt have to leave at any point. I had her in a different room to the one I laboured in as the original room had no birthing pool.

Once I had her, they put her on me for skin to skin whilst delivering the placenta (they had to put a quick catheter in as my bladder was too full to deliver it), they then decided she was a bit blue so took her off for a bit of oxygen.

We waited for a few mins until she was and then she had a little feed and a cuddle with daddy before we were asked to move back to our original room. I had to walk back with a t-shirt on and towel around my waist, trailing a pool of blood behind me down the corridor, lovely!

Once back in our room, I had a shower whilst my husband dressed our daughter with the midwives help, he then had to come and help me clear a bit of the blood from our ensuite bathroom as it looked like someone had been killed in there from my blood loss! (was still told it was a normal amount)

After that we stayed in our own room for about 7 hours with no visits from a midwife and then we decided to discharge ourselves as it seemed daft staying there with no support. During this time we dozed a bit and had cuddles/fed baby. I wasn't given anything to eat and just water to drink (thankfully we had bought a few snacks with us). A paediatrician came to check our little girl over and a breastfeeding support worker made sure breastfeeding was going okay and then we left.

Apparently it was a really busy evening in the birthing centre, but I still feel that it wasn't a good enough reason for us to be left on our own for so long. I'm going to a different midwife led centre this time, hoping for a bit more attention post-birth! X

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Thank you for all your stories. I'm loving reading them and can't wait until its my turn

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With my first i gave birth in the midwife unit within our hospital. It was a really busy night so once my placenta came out (took an hour with the injection we were close to going to theatre to have it removed, was more stressful than the birth lol) we were left alone for a long while. DS was born at 6pm. Midwife left just after 7. Hubby and i had alone time with bubs till around ten. I was quite glad of the time honestly. They came to check in every now and then just to make sure everything was all right but mostly we were alone. Around 9 I showered in the ensuite. Then we were moeved to the four bed ward. There was only one other mum who was already sleeping. The midwife said as long as we didnt disturb her hubby could stay for a while. She brought me tea and toast (and apologised it had been so long again) then hubby stayed with mt till 11. Visiting for dads usually ends at 10 pm.

With our second i was induced but only had waters broken no other intervention was in labour suite and not the midwife unit due to this. Baby was taken to SCBU about ten minutes after birth, just after placenta was delivered. that was about half seven. We were kept in delivery room till 10, but i had been allowed to shower quickly after my stiches were done so we had our tea and toast and then waited to be told baby was allowed visitos in scbu. During this time they also went out of their way to organise a private room for me on the maternity ward (there are only 4) but as i didnt have a baby to take with me they were so lovely and got me one. At 10 we were allowed to go to scbu, the nurse tool my bag to the ward for me so i could go straight there. we stayed in scbu for an hour (opening visiting for parents) then went to the ward. hubby stayed till about 12, again visitng normaly finished at 10 but due to our circumstances and the fact we were in a room and not on the ward they let him stay a bit longer.

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I had my DD at 10:45am and had skin to skin contact, breastfeeds, delivered the placenta, had a wash down there and then had tea and toast (which my OH ate!!) as I wasnt hungry! I stayed there with my mum and OH until about 2pm when they moved me to the ward and I was there until 6pm the next night

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I was not not allowed any any visitors due to ward closure

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