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I'm 39 weeks and 4 days and my dr is going to let me wait till 41weeks and 5 days I'm begging for a sweep if she's not here before my due date which is the same day as my next appointment I keep thinking every night this is going to be the night ( because I get contractions) so I go to sleep to rest and wake up with nothing ahhh I'm so ready for her to be here

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Try clary sage in the bath, or a drop in your bio oil on tummy! I put the clary sage in a burner as well to waft round the house! Worked with my first

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I'm the same hon, I'll be 41+5 when I get induced and I'm 41+1 just now. It's horrendous! I hope you don't go as overdue as me I might try clary sage as m79 suggested. Where can you purchase it?! x

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