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I have bought 3 large Muslins to use as swaddles. With it being my first I have no experience of them but my plan was to use them at night only. I read an artical that said baby should not be swaddled all the time and u have to be really careful about over heating. I thought I would give it a go and see if LO liked it and if not will have to try blankets?

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R loved being swaddled, W hated it. It completely depends on baby whether or swaddling is a success.

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I've bought summer lightweight swaddles when the swaddle me were 3 for 2 in Tesco but they were already reduced to 5 each so that was a bargain and doesn't matter if she hates being swaddled or not, I won't have wasted too much money.

I will tuck a cellular blanket around if it's chilly, and will probably only swaddle at night like I did with my last two

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We have these the swaddle me ones there absolutely fabulous
Finley doesnt like anything over his arms and they go under his armpits
Perfectly were going to buy more tomorrow love the fact I can sleep
Peacefully with him in it

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Halo sleep sack swaddlers--the only brand they can't wriggle out of

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DS1 loved being swaddled so I've bought one.

Chances are this one will hate it!

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Swaddling with a large enough blanket isn't hard as long as you try to get it tight. The biggest mistake I see parents do at work is barely wrap the baby. Then they just wake up quickly and bust right out of it.

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I used it with dd... I have some now..well see if babys ok with being swaddled or not

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Proper research is required. Some say our swaddle is safe, some say our swaddle has good material. So, I was able to find out the right swaddle that calmed my baby - Zen Swaddle.

And the best part is no question asked 60 days return policy, this made me believe that they know what they are doing. Try this one & if you think it doesn't help you can always return it.

PS: I currently use Flying Adventures of Bunny Zen Swaddle.

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