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Can't figure out baby's position

It's frustrating me soooo much. I know I should know by now how to figure this out, I mean I've done this before, but I have no clue what position my baby is in.

At 34 weeks she was breech, but my second was breech until 36 weeks or so. The thing is, it's driving me crazy, as my next appointment is only next Friday and really really want to know if she has turned.
any suggestions?


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When I had my appointment earlier this week, the midwife actually took my hands on each side of my stomach way low and I pushed both ways and could feel baby's head down there. She said there's nothing wrong with feeling baby, so maybe you could try to lay down and see if you can feel his head between your hands

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I read somewhere that if you push on its bum you feel the whole body move but if its a head then it will move on its own. Gently obviously lol.

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I know how you feel. With my other 2 I've been able to figure it out - it's been so blatantly obvious that I've had a bum sticking out the top of my bump by 30 weeks. Now though....nada not a clue. I was told baby was breech at my last appointment and I don't think they've swung round. I genuinely don't know lol. I feel limbs that i can't identify and bulges that could be anything! lol

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