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Pregnancy Baby and Childrens expo Australia

Hello all, I was just wondering if you get many freebies at the Australian expo.
We will have to make a long drive there and back in one day so is it worth it?
We're happy with the amount of info we're getting from our Midwife so it would really be for freebies and to check out products.... is there relatively cheap products advertised or is it all big brand names that are pricey?


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oh i am interested in finding this out too? We are in perth and bubs will be little when its on here and don't want to take her out if its not worth the trip.

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We went to the on in adelaide and I was a bit disappointed. Lots of stuff was discounted but I have still found the items cheaper at places like baby bunting. It was great for information about safe sleeping etc. Oh and they had 4d scans but u have to get in early to get appointments. In relation to free things lots of competions and baby nappies creams etc at a tester sizes. Im sure each state will differ slightly... hope u have funnof u go!

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