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1 Centimeter Dialated 50% Effaced in 30th week

I came to the hospital earlier today because I was spotting and midwife just checked me and said I was one centimeter and 50% effaced. Im 30.4 weeks and said thats not totally abnormal but considering this is my first baby its more than shed like this early. Im hooked up to IV fluids right now said that might stop the minor contractions due to dehydration. I dont even feel anything just the period like cramps Ive been feeling and MW said that was normal. Im so scared. When did anyone else start to dialate and was it your first baby? Anything anykne could tell me right now would make me feel better Im just sitting here waiting to get rechecked in two hours and baby is being monitored.

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Just went to the doctor's today and am now 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced - last week I was completely closed and just started to efface. This is my first child as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all is well!

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If I were you I would put myself on modified bedrest. Being 1cm dialated at 30 weeks is way to early... With my first u never even got to 1cm without an induction! Just take it easy and you'll be fine xx

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hi dont know if this helps ...this is my first i am almost 37.6 weeks ,yesterday i was at my hospital and dr was doing an ultra sound and mentioned i was having a contraction if i felt any pain ...i said no to pain just uncomfortable and mild period cramps and that i am having BH very regularly through out the day since 2 weeks ...she did an internal examination and was surprised i was 2 cm dilated ... i had no clue when i started dilating as i had not done an internal check before and if my dr would not have seen me having BH approx 3-4 times while i was having an ultra sound she would not have bothered checking me for dilation....

my dr did not seem concerned as they said even with dilation i could still go till my due date or 42 weeks .i would suggest a lot of bed rest and drink fluids.

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Started getting internals at 36 weeks, so I don't know about before then.

At 36 weeks I was 1 cm dilated and not effaced.
At 37, 38, AND 39 weeks I was 1.5 cm and 50% effaced.

No change at all for 3 weeks! So don't worry too much about going early; you may actually go past your due date!

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