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Teeth whitening whilst breast feeding?

I usually have my teeth whitened once a year and it was coming up to that time when I found out I was pregnant so I've not had it done. I'm so desperate to have then whitened again and wondering if you think its safe whilst breast feeding?

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stalking this one!

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Stalking too!

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I would call and ask what they use to whiten them, as there are so many different methods and products. Then you can do some research and see what's safest. If it's a one time thing, it should be relatively safe. You can always pump and dump and feed expressed milk for a short period. But really, nothing much stays in breast milk for very long, so you could probably work around it.

Honestly though, you might find the last thing you are worrying about once you have a baby is how white your teeth are. It took me 6 months to even manage getting a hair cut, and in the first two months, I actually had to write myself a daily reminder to even brush my teeth! You're very much in auto-pilot just trying to get through the day, especially as you adjust to BF.

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^wss was a huge effort to even take a shower those first few months forget about haircuts, that came much later. I did, however, get a nice massage four months later which was exactly what I needed being stressed out and everything.
I'd call your dentist to ask what he's using exactly to whiten your teeth and ask him/research on your own. You can always pump and dump for a couple feeds.

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From reading even the basic teeth whiteners on the market - you can't use them while breastfeeding either

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