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Alone after birth :(

So I went to the doctor today for my regular check up and was told that when I have my baby I can only have my husband at the hospital during and after while recovering form c-section. The hospital has but a quarantine on the delivery/recovery rooms because of a massive outbreak of seasonal flu and swine flu. I am glad that they take these things seriously.

My mom is going to take care of our son on the day of delivery but after that we are kinda on our own. SO my husband has to stay home with our son while I am at the hospital. I am rather disappointed as I wanted my son to share in the first few days of his brother life.

BOO you swine flu.

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That's a bit rough!
I guess good that they're taking precautions, but still...
Hopefully your stay there will be short, and you can go home and start your new life.

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awww. im sorry, i am really hoping that when i have my baby my husband can stay with me.

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Awwww thats rubbish.

I am depreading being alone after birth, my family all live 10 hours away so its just me and hubby and wont see my family for a few weeks after. Its horrible thinking about it but i am sure we will cope! we are women after all lol!

Good luck honey, lets hope you wont be in too loang after! x x x

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