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Does being sick reduce fetal movements?

I have been sick with a vicious head cold for 3 days and I think it's turning into the flu. I have noticed that since getting up this morning and going to work that I have not felt the baby move. He was moving and reasonably active last night before I fell asleep but this morning, despite having juice and breakfast I have not felt him.

I am wondering if this is normal when you're sick to have the baby move less?

Also, I woke up this morning on my back and think I spent most of the night sleeping on my back. Since I am a back sleeper anyway who is trying to train myself to sleep on her side, but am worried because of everything I've read about sleeping on my back if I have harmed the baby.

Any advice from anyone?

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Try having a little poke around your belly, that usually gets my LO moving if I'm concerned. It's still fairly early in the day yet and my LO doesn't always move until around this time, she's just a late sleeper like me

I don't think being sick will have any effect nor will sleeping on your back. When sleeping on your back, you'll notice if it's a problem as you'll feel not quite right and your breathing will alter. There is no real issue with back sleeping unless your body is indicating otherwise, which it invariably will as pregnancy progresses.

If you're worried, call your MW/antenatal triage for advice. They will either ask you to keep monitoring or to go in if they're concerned.

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I have to say that when I was last poorly, little one did go a bit quiet for a couple of days. I phoned MW and she told me to keep an eye on movements for period of twelve hours and more or less as soon as I phoned, LO perked up again. I would ring MW though, just to put your mid at ease xx

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Hi hun i am full of the head cold too. My movements have been the same, Try eating ice cream or drinking cola then lay on your left side and see if that gets the LO moving. To be honest its probably just having a lazy day. Try not to worry but if you still feel things arnt right give your MW a ring.

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i was full of cold last week and my little one went much quieter.

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Sleeping on your back is not recommended has it's you baby hurts, as all baby's weight can press on certain nerves and major veins and arteries. If you have reduced fetal movements you should get checked out, but if you have flu symptoms they may want you to be checked you dont have swine flu first.

Tips to get baby moving are, have a warm bath then get out have a cold drink and lie on your side for 20 minutes, or alternate hot and cold drinks, eat or drink something sugary.
When I had some ctg's at the hospital they at one pont gave me 6 small cartons of cold orange juice to get baby moving.

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When I was sick my little one seemed to be more active for some reason. Dunno why.

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sneaking over from 2nd tri - My hubby has been sick for a week and a half now, although it's mostly just coughing now. Sadly the germs have finally gotten to me!! It started with a super sore throat, the type that it hurts to swallow? And since the symptoms started I've noticed my little one moving around less too. I was starting to panic but then I felt a kick... not much, but enough to let me know he was still there moving around.

I wonder why this is...? Do they get exhausted because we're exhausted fighting off disease? I'm going to look around and if I come up with anything I'll let you know!

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