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picking baby's birthday feels weird

I'm trying for a VBAC but have to have a c-section date booked for not long after my due date and I feel weird picking the baby's birthday...or is that a totally stupid thought?!

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I'm having a c section. and have been given a date ,although baby didn't pick it I'm super excited and helps me plan better , I can understand where you are coming from tho and think it's not weird that you feel that way x

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I don't think it's silly, I think because most of us would just prefer it to just happen, that's what we know and aim for...I see what you mean but think the positive side to it is you can choose and you'll know for sure you'll be meeting your baby on that date..GoodLuck hopefully you get your vbac then you won't need to worry about choosing baby's bday..x

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We have birthdays from July to November, all on the 16th. The only one we're missing is October and I'm due the 14th! If she's not here before then, I'm definitely going to try for an induction. In my case, I think its kind of neat!

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