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Pain in the lower part of the stomach and vaginal area...

Hi ladies...i keep getting a sharp striking pain in the vaginal area...what is it? And could anyone xplain to me what braxton hicks are? how do they feel? And anyone know what real contractions feel like? I know i probably sound silly but im clueless!!!?

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BH's are pretty uncomfy for me right now but it feels like my tummy is tightening and I feel breathless, they only last a few seconds and they go away. The pain you're feeling in your hoo hoo could just be pressure from the baby or things starting to loosen up in there. I had it a few times over this weekend. If the pains get really really bad and or they feel like period pains accompanied by lower back pain etc then its always best to call the doctor.

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The pain down there is from the pressure off the baby, its nothing to worry about My midwife was explaining all this to me only this morning actually.

My baby's head is engaged now *woop* and she said that those shooting pains are gonna become more frequent but its nothing serious. If its unbearable you should phone your doctor though, just to put your mind at rest if nothing else.

BH's as Jenny said just feel like your tummy is tightening, I get slight pains across my bump aswell like achey pains.

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When I was roughly 33 weeks pregnant, I felt intense sharp pains when peeing. It's like the baby's head fell lower each time. It did hurt in the vagina too. I believe it would be your cervix getting effaced and/or dilated. You can get that checked out by the doctor if you worry. How many weeks along are you now? My son was born at 36 weeks... Little monkey was in a hurry!

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I get lots of pain down there.. everyday. And it keeps getting worse. I figure by the next appt I have, (I'll be 35 weeks), my doctor will probably start doing internals... Which sucks, but at least I'll know if thats the source of the pain. Hope it feels better for you! =)

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