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Unplanned weight loss at 27 weeks

Anyone lost weight in the third trimester? I was gaining staidly until now and was actually worried that I am gaining too much. Today I weighted myself and it seems I lost about 4.5 pounds in the last week. Anyone experienced weight loss when not trying? I am eating a lot btw...

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I did , but had a flu , but after that i did not gain any weight in the 3 d trimester ,baby is ok and weights perfect..
My doctor is not concerned and told me my weight gain is below average but as the baby is fine i just should considern myself lucky ..ive gained 8 kilos and have only 5 weeks to go.
Maybe ill reach the min which is 9

I wouldnt worry if baby is doing fine.

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I've lost a stone while being pregnant (no excessive ms)
But otherwise healthy, eating normally and baby growing.
Don't worry about weight gain or loss unless your midwife or healthcare professional mentions it.
Your body does what it needs too, to provide for your baby.

I am aware my body puts weight back on very easily afterwards!

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I had gained 12lb then a few weeks ago it started to drop off again in now back to the weight i was before i got pregnant in also carrying a very small bump for me,but im not too concerned as ibwas overweight to start with.x

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