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As long as baby is healthy (eg no issues with establishing breathing) then 'exposure' to germs is GOOD. Certainly be more aware this time of year of serious illness eg any type of flu bug...however if you are around other children then regardless of whether those children touch or hold the baby the 'germs' will be passed around.
Babies need exposure to get immunity, obviously you arent purposefully going to give your child colds etc but you cant wrap them in cotton wool, it leads to more problems later on. Its wise to be careful but dont worry and dont overdoit.

There are many of us who have other children that go to school etc and basically we cant prevent illness coming home from school and passing around...thats not a bad thing!

Re them holding baby, I think seven is PLENTY old enough to hold the baby, just sit them right back on a sofa with someone next to them and place baby in their arms and tell them to support his head...having someone next too them to help if needed. My son was holding his baby cousin at 4, same cousin was held by his sister who was only 3. Do reconsider not letting the oldest especially have a hold in a safe way.