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I wish I got to carry my pregnancy notes...

Life would not be so confusing. So I looked at my appointment list, and my due date on there is December 3rd () which would make me 36 weeks tomorrow, not on Monday. So I am guessing this is what is in the computers and what not.
If they had everything right in front of them it would not be so confusing sometimes.
So I am going with what is on my records... Which is a week change every Thursday... My appointments are even set up this way.
Grr... Why must they confuse me... The difference from 35 weeks to 36 weeks with my hospital is huge, and I have done nothing but worry that they would fly me out to a bigger hospital if I could not get these contractions to stop.
At 35 weeks they fly you to a bigger hospital and once you hit 36 weeks they allow you to deliver here. I was so worried I would not make it to Monday because of the way I am feeling, and now that I know that in their computer system I am 36 weeks tomorrow I feel so much better.

I am going to keep myself on bedrest, just not quite as strict, until I am 37 weeks, but still I feel so much better now that i know if there is nothing I can do I won't be going 4 hours away from home.

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