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Hip Pain

Hello everyone, I havn't been here for a while and when I popped on recently I was surprised to not find any threads on Hip Pain. My doctor told me what I was experiencing was normal, but I know that with the degree of pain I am getting from my hips that if someone else was feeling the same surely they would have posted about it.

I get hip pain to the point of jolts of agony that burst through my body.

Sitting down: Getting in to the sitting position from a stand up is probably the easiest thing to do. Getting up.. can be extremely painful and can take several tries and/or a much longer period of time than anyone else I am around.

Walking: It is on and off. Depending on if I am going up stairs or not, the pain can be very bad. I look like I am limping around and often feel rather pathetic. Lol

When in bed: This is one of the worst. I cannot roll over from one hip to the other, or shift position at all without using as much upper body strength as possible by grabbing the head board to assist me in the movement. If hubby is getting out of bed and accidentally hits one of my feet it can be so painful that my back arches and lifts me right off of the mattress- my muscles all get rigid and I have to bite my lips to keep from screaming.

Getting dressed: Well, pants & underwear are nearly impossible at time, and very frustrating as I cannot individually lift one leg while putting all my weight on the other. once again, for this, it is on and off. Sometimes I can do it great but on most occassions it hurts really bad. As for socks.. well.. i do not ever even try anymore. That is now hubbies official job. lol

Doctor told me that it is the stretching of my ligaments and that it is 100% normal. he said to take Tylenol for the pain.. but no ammount I feel safe taking can even put a dent in how I feel. Honestly, I have had the hip pain before 17 weeks along (It seems like so long ago though and I cant remember how much earlier it started.) and I am so used to it that once the pain is gone, I act as thought nothing happened. I mean.. it is for the miracle we have always wanted, and I would go through agony for this baby (Oh wait.. I will be- its called childbirth! lol)

I was just wondering if anyone else out there was experiencing hip pain?

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the exact same thing, to the very last detail, however i always put it down to the arthritis in my hips rather than being pregnant!

Docs have finally give me codeine back now so its much easier to deal with! i questioned the dangers of it - as i have read up lots - but she said its the lesser of the two evils, a mum who can sleep thru the night and get up and walk rather than being bed ridden yet unable to sleep - codeine won!

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yeah I've had this from about 21 weeks (ish) - it was really really bad I'd get so frustrated feeling like I couldn't even dress myself some days! Last month or so have hardly had it though - maybe because bump is now so big it doesn't permit me to bend that much now, that and I finished work 2 weeks ago now - turning over in bed it still pretty awful most nights though. I have just left it as it comes and goes so sporadically - didn't bother getting pain relief.

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Try looking for SPD threads... theres alot cause i've been suffering same since I over did it walking at 11 weeks. I thought I was being a sook and kept pushing myself until I was nearly crying every time I tried to walk.

Rest is only thing that settles it for me... until I overdo it again! And turning in bed with my legs together like a worm is how the physio described it to me, so that you don't use those sore ligaments.

Its really horrible, but just think... only a few months until it'll sort itself out!!! Thank God!

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Thank you for this thread. I've been having a lot of hip pain too though yours appears to be worse than mine. In bed at night it is the worst. It just aches and aches. Tylenol really does not help very much. I have been doing a prenatal yoga DVD that helps stretch you out and that works a bit. Also, a nice hot bath before bed is helpful. Hope you find some relief.

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I've had lots of hip pain since about 15 weeks. Sleeping/turning from side to side is excruciating. And my pelvic bone now hurts too.. I'm going to check out prenatal chiropractic care to hopefully alleviate some of the pain.

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Sounded like pelvic girdle pain (the new name for spd) I've got this and am having physio once a week to keep it in check. Talk to your doc for a referral.

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i have the same thing pretty much i told my doctor he felt my stomach and said its soft so every things ok. it hurts so much. maybe if it was his body he understand its not ok it hurts.

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just popping in to say i got this really bad when i was pregnant and my doc said theres nothing i could do about it. i find the best way to feel more comfortable is a bean bag and soft as possible mattress. x

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It sounds like SPD/PGP There is a support thread for sufferers in the pregnancy club section

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