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Anyone extra hormonal and upset as the end approaches? What effect will it have?

I've been so upset and stressed and hormonal the last few days. I've suffered with antenatal depression and anxiety for months but I've been hysterically crying today and it's all too much. I had a scare yesterday with reduced fetal movements (turned out OK) and I'm angry at my OH for not understanding how scared I was. Everything hurts and I just feel like I can't keep going anymore. My heart rate was really high but blood pressure was normal.

I don't know what effect this is all having on baby. Will it stop me going into labour? Or cause it? For every article I read on stress hormones delaying labour, I read another about it causing premature labour. Of course it wouldn't be premature for me as I'm over 38 weeks now. I'm so ready to meet her, but also so unbelievably exhausted and stressed. And so mad at OH (probably mostly irrational) that I don't even want him in the delivery room if I go into labour soon.. But he'd never forgive me if I said that. Last time I had him and my mum and he has always been upset that it wasn't just us.. But I feel so much more supported by my mum than by him.

I am so stressed out. I'm having CBT therapy but it isn't helping. Antenatal mental health team are aware of me but don't think I need any more help at this time.

I just feel like such a failure. I want this baby out so badly.

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Firstly, you should feel no guilt, you can't help how you feel. Secondly, research on this topic is very thin on the ground because of the ethical implications of any study undertaken so anything you see on the net will be largely speculative. I remember this being covered in one of the bbc documentaries and researchers looked at a group of pregnant women who lived in the same area but due to circumstances of a very bad winter (no heating, constant stress on food etc) all experienced prolonged periods of high stress, the effects they found were a very small effect on iq and I think they said the children were very slightly more likely to be risk takers.

You are not a failure! I don't think anyone can say if it will cause or stop labour, it's all pure speculation unless it gives you very high blood pressure.

Have you told them mental health team that CBT isn't working? it's important you get further help, they need to be supporting you better than this and your OH needs to be more understanding. It may well be the stress making you more on edge but he needs to give you more leeway and if you need more support then you should get it.

He needs to understand that pregnancy and giving birth are all about your body and your mental health. You are the priority here, don't feel bad for stating this, his preferences are not a priority over what will make things go smoother for you.

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