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Baby had just moved from my left to the righ

Don't think I've felt this before... I've been laying down having some pains in my cervix quicky pains... then she moved from my left side as I could feel her back... all the way over to my right... wow not felt this... would this mean anything? Xxx

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Mines constantly switching sides, and I aways see the movements as they're quite big. Not sure what you mean by does it mean anything?!? It's normal
For them to move around a lot maybe you're just starting to notice her movement patterns.

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Mine does that too. I don't think it means anything, just baby adjusting and getting comfy. I mean there's probably not much room in there right now lol. It's a little weird when they do it though. No matter how many pregnancies I go through I will never get used to feeling that.

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Very normal, my baby moved around like that daily.

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