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30 weeks..dilating

So last night ended up back at the er for strong braxton hicks. Found out I went from closed to now one 1cm. I had my son at 36 weeks and this is how it went last time.

So kind of worried. I been doing Makena shots since 16 weeks to.keep her in full term

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I wouldnt worry about it too much a lot of woman can get up to 3cm dilated and stay full term.. its once you hit 4cm that the doctors/midwives start worrying.

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Tasha S.
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I totally understand you! I'm 34w&2d, 50% effaced, and starting to dilate (my midwife didn't dare check dilation properly, as she didn't want to provoke anything). Rest up, Mama! I'm on partial bedrest. I hope you reach full term!

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From what I understand, it can be very normal for women to walk around at some stage of early dilation for weeks before giving birth. However, if you had your son at 36 weeks, it's very possible that your little girl will follow suit. I would just try to rest as much as possible (difficult when you have a child already, I know) and try not to stress too much. Good luck, Hunni.

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Unless you are actively contracting I wouldn't worry to much, it's actually quite normal to dilate before being full term and hand out between 1-3cm. I actually dilate to a good 4-5cm with effacement until it's time and my last delivery was at 38 weeks.

You might just be an early termer! Just relax as much as you can.

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When i was having ds2 i was told some women who have had a baby before are 2cms from about 30 weeks, this was true for me with him, but not with any since xx

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