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Out of my 4 labors, 3 of them were pitocin labors (1 with a pessary, 2 without) and my fourth was spontaneous labor. I didn't have an epidural with any of my induced labors and I managed my third labor with no pain medication at all. I had an epidural with my fourth and only spontaneous labor. So it is definitely possible to go without an epidural during an induced labor.

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I wasn't induced but was put on pitocin when i wasn't progressing as quickly as they wanted me to...I didn't have an epidural even when the contractions got worse (and they do get worse when you have pitocin vs. going natural I've heard). I totally agree with you that an epidural keeps you from pushing at your full potential. My first was so hard to push because I didn't have the pain as motivation! It's totally worth the pain for your body's response to push and the endorphins, etc.

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