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39 weeks and having a moment!

Hi Ladies

I wondered if anyone else could relate to this. I'm 39 weeks now and very impatiently awaiting labour. I'm very uncomfortable and big, as you can imagine! and not enjoying pregnancy right now. The main reason I'm at this point is that I feel such a huge weight of responsibility that I cannot share with my OH or anyone else regarding the continued health of the baby! I feel like there is so much pressure on me to be aware of babies movements and monitor it to know whether baby is ok or not. "Trust your instincts" "you'll feel it if there is a problem". I find it so difficult to not get stressed out.

I've had a problem free pregnancy really, and no reason to worry particularly, but every day regardless of what I know about babies normal pattern of movement, I still start to worry at various points that I haven't felt her move enough and should I go and get her checked.

I just want her to be born, primarily so that the responsibility of caring for her can be shared and I can see her so don't have to rely on something so intangible as how I feel to tell whether she is ok or not!

Does anyone else feel like that?

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I start feeling the same way at the end of each pregnancy. It's a terrible anxiety that really ruins the happy anticipation of meeting your new baby I just have to remind myself that these things are also part of being a mom.
You're getting really close! Hopefully baby comes soon! Good luck!

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This is why I love my Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations track. It's really calming to have someone tell you your body is doing everything perfect. Otherwise, I'm really quick to worry.

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I'm definitely feeling it. Today I wasn't feeling right but with having gone to the hospital and come home times before, I fought it. My husband kept asking 'do we need to go in?' Or 'tell me if we need to go in, do we?' And I feel like saying 'no! YOU tell me if we need to go in!!' I am still anxious that he's not moving enough even though I think he is and now my husband works tomorrow and we already spent the whole day today on 'my feelings' bahh!

Anyway, I definitely get it!

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I'm not quite as far along as you ladies but I can totally relate to the worry about babies movements and it being your responsibility!

I've been so rational this pregnancy in terms of just getting on with it and not over worrying but ever since I've been clearly feeling baby move, I've really felt the responsibility weighing on me it's only me that can feel baby and make sure her movements are normal and it puts me on edge until I feel her wiggle! I guess it's probably quite a normal worry.. nice to hear it's not just me though! Good luck with the final few weeks/days!

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