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How did you feel before going into labor with your first child?

Hi ladies! I am 38 weeks pregnant today and due on March 24th. LO dropped last Wednesday. Pretty sure I've been losing my mucous plug over the course of 3-4 weeks.. I got checked last Wednesday and was 2 cm dilated. Got checked again two days ago after they thought I had preclamsia and was 3 1/2 cm dilated... I had my nesting urge Sunday-Tuesday and disinfected my entire home. But these past couple days I've been very tired. I don't want to even get out of bed and it's very unlike me. I've also been going to the restroom and having bowel movements 4-5 times a day... sorry tmi. Also thought I was leaking AF multiple times but after doing the pad test for 30 minutes.. nothing. I'm just wondering how you felt before you went into labor. The days and hours before.

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Hi! I was also very tired before i went into labor with my first, but i had been kind of hibernating for a few weeks at that point (i started labor at 41 weeks). I was feeling really restless and hopeless and huge and bored.

Then, i went to the toilet at like 2 am and there was a tiny bit of mucus plug and i was sooooo excited! I was even having mild contractions for the first time in my whole pregnancy. I was so hyped up that I started making a labor playlist, and telling my friends, etc, etc. Little did i know, it was prodromal labor and I spent the next 3 days like that. Sometimes contractions would be 20 minutes apart, other times, 6 minutes apart. We were turned away from the hospital twice because i was only 1 cm dialated. I didn't sleep for 3 days. I was so embarrassed because my whole family and inlaws and friends were just waiting on me for days, totally confused.

The whole thing was a recipe for disaster and by the time they finally admitted me because my water broke (the day before I was supposed to be induced) i ended up having to agree to get pitocin in order to stay. and that led to epidural, etc etc. my natural birth plan fell apart.

now, when my contractions start, i take a shower/bath. If they slow down, its not real labor. If its not real labor, I try my very best to sleep/rest and conserve energy for the upcoming labor. if they don't slow down in the bath, i try to labor by myself, without telling anyone except my husband, while i get my bags together, tidy house, etc. I do this until the contractions are 4-5 min apart and 1 min long. then i call the OB and we start to arrange going to the hospital.

Good luck!

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I didn't really feel any different with the first and then my water broke. I had been nesting for a while before both labors...I'm that way now and I have a month to go. What stinks is there really is no good way to tell when we're going to have our babies! It's so different every time. I wish there was a solid way to know...I am a planner!

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all sounds very positive hopefully wont be long

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I went to bed at 11pm feeling completely normal (well normal for heavily pregnant) and woke up at 2am with contractions. I was 2cm for a week before she came too and the midwife was convinced I'd go sooner

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Before I went into labour with my first I felt super tired but I couldn't sit down for some reason, I felt restless and had major nesting I just kept cleaning things over and over like a crazy lady lol. I remember I went for a bath the night before to try and relax and because my lower back had a constant achey feeling with period type cramps then the next morning the cramps were worse to the point they woke me out of sleep and i had a sudden urge to go to the toilet for a bm (sorry tmi) the cramps got worse until they turned into contractions, I progressed really fast and by the time I got to hospital about an hour later I was already 7cm!

I totally expected to go quicker with my second but it was completely different you just never know.. good luck x

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