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Can sudden swelling be normal?

Omg my foot looks like... well, huge. I've had swelling this pregnancy, even pitting, but right now I took off my socks and my feet look awful. My hands and face arenr any more swollen than usual, but I can barely move my toes. If the swelling goes down does that mean it's just normal and not a pre-e concern? I felt awful today and was going to go in to labor and delivery but I was convinced they wouldn't be able to do anything to help so I stayed home.. feeling much better this evening, I just could not believe the size of my foot. I could feel that the skin was tight and swelling was probably going on but no idea it was gonna be like THAT!

I can't tell if it's gone down some or I'm just used to it now

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Yikes. I'd call my OB personally for peace of mind. Just because I've never heard of sudden severe swelling happening outside of pre-e.

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