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How much is instinct and how much is wishful thinking?

I have quite a strong feeling that I won't go to due date and I'll have him early. I don't remember feeling like this with DD but that was over 6 years ago! The past few days, I have been feeling sick and had dizzy spells. I'm having quite a lot of pressure and twinges down below and loads of movement from little man! He is head down, measuring 2+ weeks ahead and big!

I'm thinking my feelings are more wishful thinking that instinct but not sure! Anyone else had/have this?

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With my son I knew I wasnt going to make it to my due date. I was huge!!

I was in pre-labor from 37+3 waters Broke at 38+2 and he was born that day

We believe this one will be earlier. Hubby thinks 36weeks and i think 37 almost 38

Im already getting painful BH that even wake me in the night so yeah

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I was adamant I'd be early and having a girl, nope it was a boy at 40+5

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With my first I was due March 8, I joked several times that I would have her on Valentine's Day. You wouldn't believe my shock when my water broke and she was born on Valentine's Day! 36 weeks 6 days.
With my twins I prayed all the way through that I would make it to 35 weeks and they were born at 35 and 3.
With this one my Dr said to expect the same early arrival.

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Well. I was darn near convinced I'd go into labor yesterday. . . But nope. Still pregnant.

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With my first I didn't really have any type of feeling at all.

With my second I was so convinced I was going the full way over and having a c-section that I was making plans for childcare for my first. I was so wrong she was born at 39+1 and c-section free. (No hate towards c-section mums just that it was my biggest fear when pregnant!)

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Had something similar with my second. Had dreams for weeks she'd be born early and would be small, then had the date of 10th Nov in my head (due date 16th). She was born on 9th Nov, 39+0 weighing 6lbs 5.5ozs....Could have been wishful thinking or instinct, who knows but i think there is something to be said for mother's intuition

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Goodness!! I was literally just telling my husband to keep an open mind about expecting this baby early! I've been dreaming the whole pregnancy that she was early!

And now my breasts are ready for nursing! They are big, full and the nipples have grown. Plus I keep getting milk let down feeling. It's crazy!!

But I don't know what will happen because I'm supposed to go out of town to have the baby.

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