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Preeclampisa for a 3rd time?

Hi ladies

This is my 5th baby and with pregnancies 3 & 4 I had pre-eclampsia with 3rd I had it mild then with 4th it got worse very quickly I think over a 3 week period the symptoms came on rapidly. High bp high levels of protein in urine samples and really bad headaches and visual disturbances. These happened from 32 weeks to 36 weeks when I was induced as it had gotten so bad

I now think I'm getting this again my blood pressure the past few weeks has been hit and miss. It's been high from 139/98 to 128/91. I know the 128/91 bp reading isn't too bad but still it is pretty high for the bottom number.
I have headaches daily swelling to hands and feet especially feet today the skin feels pretty tight and it hurts when I have my shoes on.
Have been having the odd fluttering spots in vision but not too bad it goes within a few minutes. I've been so tired the last few days easily falling to sleep on the settee within a few mins of sitting down. Heartburn has been horrible as well

If it gets worse then will of course phone fau to get booked in to be checked.

Any of you ladies had pre-eclampsia with subsequent pregnancies if so has it gotten worse the more pregnancies you've had x

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