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Bloody show


5th baby and never had a show of any kind, even after sweeps with other 4.

Had sweep yesterday about 5pm and this morning woke with watery pink discharge and since then loads and loads of bloody/brown mucus. Im guessing this is my show?
Theres so much its scary lol.
Now i know this may not mean anything but im after peoples experiances. Did u go into labour shortly? Still a week away or still need to be induced?

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I had my bloody show hours before I had my last two so it meant labor for me

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After my sweep with ds2 I had the watery pink discharge and bleeding and went into labor that night. Good luck!

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They did a sweep on you over a week before your due date? Mine don't do it until I'm over due =(

both sweeps I had a show and went in labor within hours.

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I started cramping a few hours after my show but didn't go into labour for another 3 days but I think that was to do with her position. Think she probably would've been born the following morning if her arm wasn't in the way!

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Yesterday at 37+3 weeks had bloody show all day I am lossing my mucus plug bits from week 34 super crampy and strong bh but no labour yet feel like I'm due on my periods any time ...

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