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My growth scan later with ds1 was really accurate. I was told baby was 5lbs!! At 31 weeks! He was born a week later and was 5lbs 8.5oz so not far off at all. X

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They said for DD she would be 8-8 lbs as she was overdue. She was 6lbs, 5oz.
DS at 37 weeks said he was 7 lbs. He was born 2 weeks later at 7lbs, 8oz.

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2 out of 3 of my kids had really accurate growth scans. Thomas was estimated at 3.3kg st 40+5 and he arrived at exactly that weight the next day.

Sophie's weight was a little overestimated, but she was very short and chunky for her gestation 3.6kg at 39 weeks).

The last growth scan I had with Emma at about 36/37 weeks estimated a birth weight of 3.4kg at 38+6 when my c section was scheduled. She was that weight :-).

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