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Getting really annoyed with my hospital

They gave me a growth scan at 28 weeks 1 day and told me my baby measured too small and I need an appointment to see the team of midwives and scans every 3 weeks from now on, well I looked in my notes and it was estimated weight 2lb 2oz, which is EXACTLY what my last baby was estimated weight at 28 weeks they told me she was too small too and done extra scans and spoke of inducing early, low and behold she was born weighing 9lb 8oz...... how is that too small exactly? At 28 weeks 1 day 2lb 2 oz is a normal weight! And now I'm being told I have to have all these extra scans and appointments and I know fullwell on Monday they won't listen to me and will talk of inducing early if baby doesn't gain weight quick enough and again I won't let them, this hospital is honestly a joke and I am highly tempted to tell them to stick their scans And added appointments up their bums and just go to my usual midwife appointments only, I love my midwife she I see brilliant, but the hospital I a mother really getting annoyed with and they don't listen to me

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Isn't that the worst? I hate it when people don't listen and just assume you're part of the "Norm" like they know your life better than you.

I'd say just tell them about your daughter and that you refuse to go to the other appointments and what not.

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Can you talk to your midwife about the hospital's bs claims and maybe she can help you straighten it out? What a mess. My growth scans said baby would be in the 7lb range at birth but my midwife estimates him at being over 9lbs! Growth scans can be so off, and if the weight is looking normal anyway then what a waste of time.. If your midwife doesn't see anything wrong then I don't see why it would be a problem to skip the scans.

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Not sure if you're aware but they now have a personalised growth chart which is based on you individually, and from that they worked out how big the baby 'should' be. According to the growth chart my baby wasn't big enough and I ended up being induced. As a pp said growth scans are inaccurate, they estimated my baby to be 6lb14 but she was born the next day weighing 7lb9!!
They are only trying to keep you and baby healthy but if you don't want the scans it's time for a frank discussion with them. My induction was unnecessary but it went fine and I would rather that than something happen to the baby. Best of luck x x

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I have had a lot of scans and appointments this pregnancy (due to lots of complications), and while it can be a nightmare fitting it all in, I do like so see baby on the screen and know everything is okay.
I would take the scans, I know growth scans are very unreliable, but they can highlight issues you may not otherwise know about. And when decisions are being made on how to proceed, make sure you have your say and are comfortable with what gets decided.

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