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Interesting tidbit about the seat belt. Might look into that. I like this company. She asked me a bunch of questions about my pregnancy and how I have been before/during with motion sickness or seasickness. I'm considering going earlier but some companies don't guarantee sightings of orca until 6/15 and I was looking at that weekend. I just would die if I dropped all this money on a weekend to see orcas and didn't and had an Alaska repeat

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I would totally go. Just a few days ago on vacation I was boating and jumping off the boat into the water. I am only 26 weeks but I would do the same thing farther along in my pregnancy if I felt like it. This baby isn't due until end of June and I can guarantee we will be out boating early in June as soon as the weather permits. I am still tobogganing and skating with my daughter and I risk falling every day when I leave my house because this winter has been super icy! Life doesn't have to grind to a halt when you're pregnant, if you feel up to it then go for it and have fun!

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