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Hey everyone. I'm 39 weeks with my first baby.

For about 6 hours now I've been getting what I think might be pre-labour contractions, but I'm not sure. The pains been happening every 15-20 mins and only lasts a couple of seconds but it's not exactly what I expected contractions to feel like. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks now which have never been painful but I can always feel the tightening in my tummy and it goes really hard. These pains have been way lower down, though, more like in the pelvic region. They've been sort of cramp-like but not exactly like the period pains I usually get, which is what I was expecting, although I'm not sure if they just feel different because it's in a different location. Each time they happen, I feel a tightening in my pelvis, can't move and feel like I really need to pee but all that passes within seconds.

Just wondering if this sounds like it could be pre-labour? Also, how long can pre-labour usually last? I know it'll be different for everyone but is it possible you can get these early contractions and it still be a couple of weeks before the real thing happens or is it usually likely to be within days?

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It sure sound like pre labour or early labour but hope it's short for you but I'm here stuck in early labour for 5 days now and can't keep up my regular work too ..this is my 5th pregnency and 4th baby so they said if you have more kids you get long pre labour. of luck and keep timing them as you are FTM ..

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Do you know how engaged baby is and what position they're in? I had period pains on and off for about 2hrs at a time for 3 days where my body was trying to move her. on the 4th day I had longer mild contractions for a few hrs then woke up at 1am after a couple hrs sleep with excruciating lower back pains which lasted about 11hrs until her head popped out. she was only 2/5 engaged when I was admitted abd we eventually discovered she had her arm in front of her neck. Fingers crossed this is early labour for you and it won't last too long

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