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Calling all mamas who had breakthrough bleeding in 1st tri!

Hi ladies,

I'm not in the third trimester. Hopefully this isn't breaking some unbreakable rule

My head is spinning a bit... I had obvious and persistent implantation cramps at 9DPO, but then days 11 - 14 I've been bleeding. More than spotting, less than a true period. It's bright red. A pantyliner is good for the day. I've been getting BFPs every day, and they're consistently darker.

My question is - how many of you had breakthrough bleeding or similar experience? How much did you bleed? What colour was it? Did you have to take progesterone or did it just sort itself out?

My previous pregnancy I didn't bleed a drop, and my previous miscarriage pregnancy tests were negative before bleeding started. Not really sure what's going on here? Any shared experiences would be so welcome!

Again - sorry for posting here when I'm obviously not in the third tri - just looking for someone who's been through this!

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I bled with DS1 around week 5 I think but it was brown, enough to change/fill a light pad. If your tests are still positive, that's good! Some women have a thing I can't remember the name of....subchro...something...bleed? It's like a pocket of blood that releases during pregnancy. Totally normal and harmless to baby.

Did you contact you ob/gyn?

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I would contact your doctor, like Gigglebox said it could be subchronic something - I forget the name too. I had it but my body absorbed it instead of bleeding it out like some do.

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I had what I thought was a regular period - 5 days of my normal bleeding, with cramps. I got my BFP 2 weeks later at 6 weeks along. I let it go and went in for my first ultrasound at 9w3d. My baby measured 12 days small but caught up over the course of a few weeks and after that was right on target with my dates. I'm not sure what the bleeding was about, and I'm not sure why she measured small at first, but I only had sex once, so I knew when I conceived, and I'm in third tri now, and she's healthy. I hope everything is beautiful with your pregnancy.

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I bled with my son starting before I got a +hpt. I thought it was my normal spotting before AF was expected to arrive. Nope. I then bled at 5 weeks and from there I bled or spotted every single day until about 17 weeks. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage, and I had 5-6 giant bleeds (as in bled through my jeans and blood dumped out into the toilet ).

So if this continues by the time you have your first checkup, definitely bring it up. You could also ask for betas every 2 days to make sure your hcg is rising appropriately.

Bleeding in pregnancy is soooo stressful. I think it robbed me of my first half of my pregnancy with my son because I was so scared and thought I was going to lose him at any moment. But he's a happy, healthy, smart little boy now. Born at 37.5 weeks and 7lb2oz.

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I bled as well first and second tri. But mine was just very light, mainly brown spotting and pretty sure it was coming from my cervix.

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I bled at nearly 5 weeks. I remember having to wait for over a week until they scanned me to check everything was OK. It turned out I had a bleed in my womb outside of the pregnancy sac and they told me I would likely bleed some more but it was unlikely to harm baby. I'm now 36+5 and baby is doing well.

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I bled during first tri. But it was light.

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