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I second the depends! They are amazing and not as bulky as pads. The dreaded gush when you stand up is very well contained.
If you are weirded out about buying them, just buy online

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HAHA! With my first when I went to the hospital the nurse came in with her trail of little trainee nurse ducklings and ordered me into the gown. I am very short- only five foot and those dang gowns swim on me and I HATE them. I told her that there was no way I was wearing a hospital gown. I wore a stretchy top to labor in and pants up until my labor got going and then just the long top. The nurse argued with me and said- well what if you have to get a C Section- they would have to cut your clothes- I told them to cut the clothes then!

I only finally let them put in me in a gown when they did the epidural because the guy needed my back. Hoping to avoid that this time and go back to my comfort zone of stretchy night gown for labor and my yoga pants for after!

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I'm having a c-section, so I've got a couple of nightgowns in for if I want to change out of the hospital gown whilst I've still got catheter in and taken two in case one gets leaked on or anything. Then I've taken Pyjamas to sleep in once it's out.

For daytime whilst I have visitors I've got plain black jogging bottoms (hide any leaks well!) and a couple of nursing vest tops and a couple of long sleeve nursing tops.

For coming home I've packed a nursing dress and maternity leggings (so it'll pull up over the cut) x

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