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Originally Posted by SonnyH View Post
From my own experience today, they don't seem to do internals in the UK unless they are pretty convinced you are in labour! I lost my plug on Friday and I've had lots of cramps and BH today. I've also been having ongoing issues with babies movements going out of pattern & very quiet and so decided to go get monitored today just to double check! Baby is fine, they are hopeful I might go into labour soon. I asked if they'd check any progress down there and they said not while I'm not in obvious labour as it doesn't mean a huge amount. Your mucous plug regenerates (although unlikely at my stage of pregnancy) and if I am a bit dilated, I could be for ages, doesn't mean labour is particularly imminent sadly! They said they'd only be concerned if my waters go!

Hope all is OK Lauren!
It varies with where you live and how far along you are - with my second I had an internal every time I went in for monitoring because they wanted to catch it asap if there was even a slight risk of preterm labour.

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Originally Posted by Laurenmomma View Post
Originally Posted by xdxxtx View Post
How worrying all of this must be for you! I'm so glad you're past the threshold when your baby is doing great, is plenty big, and would be just fine on the outside with a little help at first... You've got to have your needs met and get lots of rest. When I had prodromal labor (safe to Google), I had these symptoms for over a month before I finally went into labor. It was miserable. It was painful. It was sooo stressful. You really could have these symptoms for months and not have true labor pick up. This is VERY common for a fourth baby.

This has floored me literally the last couple of weeks has been like bam!

I'm so tired and breathless and got pain in my back in my ribs which i think is the anaemia but I know the tablets take a few days to kick in 😭

I'd rather have an early baby than feel like this if I knew baby was a good weight 😭

That's exactly how I felt. But I felt guilty for feeling that way. But I finally got over it. I couldn't feel that way anymore! However, she was born early. I was so thankful! I hope you feel better and relief soon!

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Ahh it's horrible isn't it!

I'm back in work today and just don't want to be here!

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