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Felt small trickle then nothing else?

I was standing and felt a trickle come out and it was enough to stop me in my tracks and make me think my water broke. But then nothing else has happened?
I was wearing a panty liner and whatever it was was clear and not a lot.
My water broke with my previous pregnancies as well but the first one was a gush and the second was a continuous leak then eventually a gush.
Any experience? If it hasn't done it again should I assume it's not amniotic fluid?

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With my last pregnancy, I had a small trickle, so small I thought I could have just peed myself a little... It happened again about an hour later. I knew at that point that my water broke, but when I went to the hospital, they didn't see any signs of my waters having gone. They had me walk around for an hour and still didn't see any pooling, so they looked at whatever was in my vagina under a microscope to see if it was my waters. It was. If I wasn't overdue, the hospital policy would have been to send me home because the sac would have healed itself most likely, or my water would have fully broken in the upcoming days. My waters went more and more the next morning, and I was induced at that point.

So, it COULD be your waters, but I'd definitely wait to feel it again a few more times to confirm. A slow trickle won't hurt anything as your body will keep producing amniotic fluid, and your baby won't dry out.

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I was actually lying in bed last night and thought I could feel trickling. Nothing progressed but what I did feel is my lower bump was really tight and I was having intense braxton hicks for a long while.
Today I've got the same tight feeling, period pains and I think it's watery discharge but not 100% sure if it's that or waters trickling. X

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