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Originally Posted by Orglethorp View Post
Ugh, yes! There's a pair of coworkers at my work who split an entire family sized bag at lunch almost every day. They tear the bag open completely and lay it out between them like a plate, then bite through fistfulls of about 20 at a time. They're the reason I bring headphones and a laptop or tablet so I can fire up music or a YouTube video and drown them out. Then inevitably a friend comes in on break and wants to chat, and I have to pull an earbud back out to hear them...
Ugh just reading that I got annoyed, the thought of people eating fistfuls of chips is gross! That's a big complaint of hubby, the moment he puts headphones in is when everyone decides they've got something to say

Originally Posted by heychrissie View Post
I was soooo bad with sounds last pregnancy. Any off-tempo dripping, or clicking, or tapping drove me insane.
I'm still a bit sensitive to it this pregnancy, but it's been eased off a little a while after giving birth! Hope it gets better for you, it's really frustrating!
I don't remember being like this with my first, but sounds like pregnancy can bring it on to a higher sensitivity! Hopefully after delivery it gets better

Originally Posted by Parkep View Post
Ooo im normally like this, vut my pregnancy has ramped it up a bit. My two older girls even drive me crazy some times (usually they don't). When my oh brings a snack to bed! Arg! Hes not loud but hes too close I can hear him eat. Lol i even drive myself crazy! Things that you cant help be loud (potato chips, and the sound of me eating apple pie?) I dont get angry like with other people but i notice it more and cant believe how loud it is lol!
Luckily my OH is very good about it and my children I can tell them haha.. Ive had my DNA tested for traits, etc (23 and me. Com) I have the dna trait for being annoyed/angry about loud eating lol. Its a real thing!
For eating apple pie I could hear more of a goopy noise which is what bothers me more than crunching. I'd rather hear the crunch that that slurpy goop. DNA testing for traits sounds interesting!

Originally Posted by Orglethorp View Post
It's called misophonia. My mother, sister and I all have it. You can be genetically programmed to have it, or it can develope along side anxiety disorders.
I didn't know it could go along side anxiety disorders, I do have an anxiety disorder but chewing sounds never used to drive me absolutely crazy like they do right now.

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Haha so normally my stepdad chewing doesn't bug me but I seriously almost threw something at him from across the room. He was a solid 15 feet+ away and it was driving me nuts!

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Omg. I'm so glad so many other people suffer and it's not just me
There is really nothing more infuriating for me than noisy eaters. And those who feel the need to chomp, slurp and eat with their mouth WIDE open like the world needs to see the slop move around their mouth.
I cannot be near someone who is eating crunchy food such as crisps. It's so bad I want to lash out! Obviously I don't lol but it just disgusts me.

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