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Make sure you include a note in your birth plan that you only want Hubbie present, that way the midwife will know not to let her in if she tries any tricks on the day. You know, like just popping in to check how you're doing but then not leaving. You might not be in any state to tell her to leave so make sure it's in writing so the midwife knows not to allow her in.

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Originally Posted by 6lilpigs View Post
Maybe write out your 'birth plan' and the bring up a discussion of your 'birth plan' with her. 'Hi mum, I've finished my birth plan for the new baby do you want me to run through it with you!' ' Starting out with just me and DH in the room, you got DD in the waiting room on standby incase I need you, no pain releif until 8cm, cord allowed to stop pulsing before cutting, skin to skin etc' That way it shows that the whole event is being carefully planned not just her part
Great advice! I think this is perfect!

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If it comes up again, you could always say you really want her to comfort/watch your daughter. Might help her feel more useful and important.

Glad it went well. It was definitely awkward when I told my mom! She just assumed she'd be in the room.

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I think giving her the task of watching your daughter was a great idea. My son is not quite old enough to drive so his job while I am in labor is to take care of our pets and my MIL's is to pick him up on her way to visit after she is born and once we are ready. She had been hinting around by mentioning how when she went into labor with her second she was so glad to have the support of her own mil so thankfully she understood our hint and that this was our way of letting her know she wouldn't be in the room. My husband is the one who spoke up and told her so that was helpful too. She looked disappointed for just a moment and then moved on, back to being excited about being a grandma.

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I know everyone is different, but nobody apart from my husband comes into the delivery room (or hospital for that matter) while I am in labour. Its really not something I want an audience for!! If for some reason he can't get there... then it will be just me and the midwife.

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