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Small for GA

Just hoping for some reassurance. Had an ultrasound yesterday at 31+5 and my little peanut is measuring inthe 9th percentile. Her head circumfrence was measuring at 28+3.

Amniotic fluid levels are perfect. heart rate 130 which is normal. My uterus is measuring 31 cm. She is weighing in a little over 3 pounds.

Anyone else had this and had a healthy baby?

Due to my age (36) and diabetes/hypertension I am high risk so we did have genetic testing done which came back indicating low risk for abnormalities. of course, they dont check for everything so who knows.

My blood sugar levels have only been slighly elevated and my BP has been excellent.

I just wasn't expecting this - would have expected a larger baby like my daughter who was measuring over 4 pounds at this point. My daughter was 8 pounds 7 oz, 21 inches. My son was 7 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches. So a small baby was not expected.

I'm worried.

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Ultrasounds are known to be off for weight by quite a bit. I think it can be by two pounds. I wouldn't panic.

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