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Mrs Dragonfly
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Cat acting out?

Anyone's cat acting out? She's suddenly started peeing on the floor by the kitchen table. Her litter box is clean, DH has started scooping it multiple times a day and we've been using the same litter for years.

I'm losing my mind with her shredding up the brand new carpet installed in our apartment, so we'll have to pay for that when we move out. And peeing on the floor?! We've had her 6 years, there's no reason for her to be doing this other than acting out.

At first I worried maybe she was sick, but she was sleeping on our bed and when I got up to snack she came with and was purring then I heard her scratching the carpet and sure enough! Grrr it's making me so angry No option for her to be an outside cat.

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I have a cat who started acting out after we got our dog 5 years ago.. Can't be an outdoor cat either. Can't get rid of him because he'd end up being put to sleep. I bought a carpet steamer. Sentry makes a calming collar that helps him to a worthwhile extent.. Not perfect but much better. The stay away pheromone sprays seemed to stress him out even more and make it worse so I stay away from those. I wish I had better advice but it's honestly just something we have been dealing with. Unless it's a kidney issue there aren't many options besides managing. He's 12 now and I love him but I hope he's not one of those cats who lives to 20.

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Might still run it to the vet to see if the problem could be a UTI

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My cat was peeing in our dogs food dish and it turned out he had a massive blockage of kidney stones and had to stay at the vet 3 days. If there's no blood or brown look to it then it might be a environmental change bothering him. Maybe he knows about the baby and getting upset or jealous. A call to the vet might be a good idea. also, with the scratching my female cat doesn't go outside much and when she needs her nails trimmed she scratches at stuff to tell me it's time for me to cut them.

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You can't rule out something medical just by looking at her. She needs a urinalysis to check for a UTI or crystals in her urine. It's so common in cats and easily treatable. Once you've ruled out any bladder or kidney problems, then you can look into behavioral modification for her issues.

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For sure see a vet. Also make sure to use an enzyme spray to clean up with. There is a cat litter that's called cat attract or something similar that can help. Have you changed the location of her box? Or the box itself? Maybe shes upset your OH is changing it and not you?
But for sure check with the vet first.

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I agree..trip to the vet. Usually when a pet goes outside of the box randomly like that it is due to something like a UTI which often shows no outward symptoms

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Like others gave said, peeing outside the litter box is a big red flag for a UTI or infection in a cat.

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N'thing the vet trip for the peeing. Will also second the cat attract if it turns out to be behavioral.

For the carpet scratching you might try spraying with one of those anti scratch sprays. Also ensure kitty is getting played with regularly. It's sometimes easy to forget with a baby on the way.

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My cat did this, turns out she had a large stone in her bladder and had to have surgery to remove it. She peed outside the box for a while before she started having blood in her pee. I also thought it was behavioral first and added litter boxes, etc first.

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