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What is "normal" discharge for you?

I'm curious what a normal amount of discharge/leaking is for you? I'm 40+5 today and feel like I have been getting more and more "damp" all the time. I don't have any large gushes of fluid coming out, but sometimes when I move suddenly, I can notice little leaks. This morning, I noticed a small sudden leak, which had no color and no odor, and I'm just wondering if this is normal for all of you as well? (FYI: by "leak" I mean like a few drops of fluid)

A little more info about me: FTM. My last doctor's appointment was 4 days ago, everything was normal. I've measured normally my whole pregnancy. Baby is very active. I have no weird pains (other than some high abdominal pain today coming and going which feels like a bit of gas).


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This pregnancy iv been very wet down there (sorry tmi) Iv had to wear panty liners or id go through multiple pairs of knickers lol. Iv been told the further into your pregnancy you get the more discharge you get with babies head pressing down on your bits so maybe this is the case for you especially since your about to give birth any moment. If you get a lot and you feel like it could be your waters give your midwife a call to be sure x

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I feel it now, I mentioned it to midwife and she said baby can be pressing down releasing gushes of hormones which basically lubricates you more!

This is my 4th baby this far so I feel like I'm not as good with pelvic floor as it is ��

If it's your waters you will need to wear a pad so just keep an eye on it x

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