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Reviews seem great for the mamia brand. I've heard so many good things about their nappies too! Only thing is I can't seem to find anything about pre made bottles like c&g and Aptamil sell to take into hospital? So not sure how that would work with sterilising bottles etc

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Aldi nappies are fab! I cannot recommend them more! So cheap & we've had two minor leaks in 12 weeks! Their nappy bags smell really nice too & their wipes are as good as any other! We started with water wipes to see how our little ones skin was but luckily she has no issues and we are now happily using Aldi wipes!

I've always wondered about the Mamia formula and if it's as good as everything else. Seems to me that most stuff in Aldi is identical to the more expensive supermarkets! They don't do pre-made bottles though and those are a life saver when out & about for me!

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I used cow and gate with my first and plan to use it with this one

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