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Wow, you even get flowers! X

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Originally Posted by nicem815 View Post
OP, your hospital looks similar to mine! People who visited us commented that it was like a resort. It's like you said: one of the upsides to super expensive healthcare lol. We've been paying bills like crazy for prenatal care but we get a lovely room and 3 meals a day for hubby and I lol!!

Anyway, you sound like you are waaaayyy more prepared than I am, so I am glad I read your list!! I almost forgot that I needed an outfit to go home in haha.

Maybe a camera charger if you plan on taking photos with one?

And chapstick for dry lips during labor? Do you have a little handheld massager for hubby to use on your back?
My usband will thank you for that suggestion, he was exhausted from squeezing my hips together with the last one!!

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Don't have any suggestions as this is my first but following this post!

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