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Somewhat freaking out about gestational diabetes.

Okay, so 29 weeks today. I took a 1-hour glucose tolerance test two days ago. They called me today, and said my levels or whatever are a bit high, so now they want me to take the 3-hr test. I'm kinda freaking out about this. I'm afraid I have Gestational diabetes. The thought of having to test my blood sugar
freaks me out, and I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I would not enjoy majorely limiting sweets. (though obviously I'd be willing to do it for my baby) I have heard that it's common to fail the one hour and pass the three hour. The midwife who called me did say she thinks I'll probably do just fine on the 3-hour test. I'm still freaking out about it though!

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I was in your position last year with DS3. I failed the 1 hour test by almost nothing of concern and did the 3 hour as a result. I failed that too - again, by almost nothing major. For the sake of baby, we treated me as a pre-caution even though the levels I was sitting at are normal for me outside of pregnancy so it's actually very likely I didn't have GD at all. But I struggled with trying to control my levels with a change it diet. It just got to the point where I was so angry, tired and hungry I rung the nurse in tears and it was decided the next morning I would be put on insulin as me being hungry was doing baby no favors. I chowed down 3 American hotdogs with mustard, ketchup and cheese that night. I was offered Metformin but being 32 weeks it would take several weeks for any real control to be noticed so we went for insulin 4 times a day as well as testing my sugar levels 8 times a day. Then I had to deal with specialists who tried to convince me to a section or induction of labour because at 32 weeks he was 'close to 5.5lb and was going to result in a 9lb baby at birth or stillbirth'. Again, I have every ounce of faith in my body's ability to give birth that I told them they could stop bullying me into delivering on a timetable that was suitable for them. I went into labour at 38+1 and gave birth after a 12 hours unmediated labour and an unassisted birth to a healthy 8lb 11oz baby boy. The only thing that changed for me is that I was not allowed to use a birth center or deliver at home due to the increased risk but everything was as textbook as expected.

Obviously, passing is a biggie for us ladies at risk and for those of us who don't then we hope that diet alone will be enough. I not only got the raw end of the deal with the Insulin, but also the shitty point of view from medical staff who tried to convince me that I shouldn't trust my body to give birth. Fingers crossed you pass your 3 hour test but just remember, even if you don't, management can still keep everything in control and not affect how you plan to birth.

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