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Originally Posted by minties View Post
How can a cord around the neck suffocate a baby? They aren't breathing air in the womb.
I think its from compression, the blood and oxygen doesnt get through the same, i dont think that the cord just being wrapped around once would cause that, itd have to be around a few times or knotted. Its pretty rare.

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I thought it was more about compression of the cord itself rather than compression of the neck?

The reason I had a c-section was because Gracie's heart rate was not recovering after contractions, what actually happened was her cord was between her head and my pelvis so the cord was being compressed as she moved down. I might not be remembering correctly but I'm sure that's how it was explained to me, although I was off my face on diamorphine and gas and air.

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It is the compression of the cord. Without your blood going through her placenta, she has no lifeline. It is very serious and I'm not sure why healthcare professionals don't act like it is. If they know about it, they should be giving you the choice to do something about it such as an elective c-section. My aunt lost her baby girl full term to a cord being around her baby girls' neck. I lost my son due to a placental abruption. Anything and everything in pregnancy should be taken seriously.

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